Through the services I can provide you at your convenience, I make your life richer and better with music! Did you ever wish you would have continued taking piano lessons? That you could write a tune to share? That your child who has special needs could enjoy music but haven't had it be accessible to you through your local school? Or perhaps that you have a voice that is just waiting to burst forth but with no support in making that happen? Maybe you feel life is dull and uninteresting or maybe you are struggling with burdens that rob you of the joy you would like to have. I can change these things through music therapy!

Music (and I) will rekindle the spark of your creativity, help put that spring back in your step, accompany you to the labor delivery room, hospitall bed, home and/or group setting, intervene with your child who has attention/concentration issues, get you moving, grooving, and into the swing of life. If there is a space anywhere, music therapy will meet you there! Why?

Because music should be for EVERYONE. No talent needed. No instrument to purchase. It's for you. And with my professional, flexible approach and proficiency in all things musical, we ignite a spark that will bring you satisfaction and fulfillment, whatever the place you or your family member/friend is in life. Music therapy is the gift that gives to you over and over again.

It's an investment in either yourself or those that you love.





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